FEAR-SONIS Stand Off Non-Lethal Interdiction System

Manufacturer: Airtronic USA
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The safest, most accurate, non-lethal crowd-control solution available to the law enforcement community. SONIS™, our 40mm, single-shot dispenser, is a lightweight, tactical, and easily deployable unit that is ideal for any fi rst response force. Our kit includes our advanced engineered 40mm dispenser, an array of non-lethal round types, fl ip-up sight, a cleaning kit and customized carrying case. For over 25 years AirTronic has been providing weapons systems that are used by elite military units around the globe, and our products are synonymous with reliability, quality and safety
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Flexible Rounds System

SONIS™ offers the law enforcement community an agnostic dispenser capable of safely and eff actively operating with any non-lethal 40mm round. Extensive testing with SONIS™ using Blunt Impact Projectile (BIP), CS Tear Gas, OC Gas, and Malodorant rounds have resulted in over 97% accuracy ratings at 50 meters.


Bore (Caliber)40mm
Weight4 lbs (1.18 kg) unloaded
Length28.5 in (724mm)
Material4140/4150 Ordnance Grade Barrel Steel (Zero Casting)
Maximum RangeUp to 438 yards (400 meters) and round dependent
Effective Range109 yards (100 meters) and round dependent
Ammunition40mm Standard BIP, Oleoresin Capsicum, Malodorant, Tear Gas Powder
Handrails, Buttstock, GripAccessorized
Accessories & FeaturesStorage kit hardcase, cleaning kit, pistol grip, field carrying kit, EOTECH XPS2-FN
Warranty2 years or 1000 rounds against factory defects